What You Can Do

Anyone who eats can positively affect the local food economy.

  • Buy directly from local farmers, fishers and foragers.
  • Find your local farmers market
  • Eat what is in season.
  • Eat at local restaurants that use local foods, ask them what is local on the menu.
  • Shop at locally-owned markets. Request that they buy and highlight local products.
  • If you shop at a supermarket, ask where their produce, meat, fish and dairy products come from. Request that they buy and highlight local products.
  • Buy wild-harvested seafood caught by local fishers off the docks in Fort Bragg and in select  local markets.
  • Throw a dinner party or potluck using foods grown in Mendocino County.
  • Grow your own food, grow year-round, eat what is in your garden.
  • Join a community garden  through NCO’s Gardens Project
  • Get involved in a localization groups through the Granges, The Farmer’s Guild, or another organization that is working towards a stronger local food system.
  • Encourage legislators at all levels to take leadership in developing policies that support small farmers and local food production.
  • Get involved with the Food Policy Council of Mendocino County
  • Download and read the Mendocino County Food Action Plan (PDF)
  • Teach children to care about where their food comes from. Talk with them about what is on the dinner table and where it has come from.

Most of all … Meet your local farmers, ask to visit their farms, let them know you appreciate that they are farming.