Why Grow Your Own Food?


Reflections by Linda MacElwee

Build soil, increase biodiversity and sequester carbon,
amazing flavor and tastes, birds, bees, flowers, fruits, vegetables, fungi,
bacteria, humus, compost, worms, butterflies, sunflowers, homegrown tomatoes,
birth, death, seasons, cycles, seeds, beans pushing up out of the ground, corn towering over head,
spiders, lizards, frogs, tools, sun, water, air, earth, sky, faith, trust, exercise, miracle, activity,
quiet meditation, contemplation, friends, laughter, healing, trees for shade, beneficial insects,
watermelons, squash, medicine, herbs, fiber, health, nutrition, joy, children, dance, share,
participate, play, touch the earth, witness, observe, creation, destruction, learn,
germinate, harvest, rest, dig, community, culture, stories, cooking,
eating, celebrate, abundance!