Mendocino Wool & Fiber Mill

Mendocino Wool & Fiber Mill

From Sarah Bodner:

I would love it if you could pass along news about a very cool opportunity for people to invest locally and support the launch of the Mendocino Wool & Fiber Mill! Matt Gilbert, who shears sheep at the fair every year, and his wife Sarah are hoping to open a wool & fiber mill that could utilize wool from local ranchers and help revive a historic industry in our county.

The way that this project could get funded is through a new Social Impact Investment Fund that is being offered by Economic Development & Financing Corporation in Ukiah. It’s an innovative tool that allows CA residents to invest in a local project and makes this pool of money available for social entrepreneurs who might not be eligible for a traditional loan, at rates they can afford.

We have just launched a fabulous 3 minute video about the project at Hope you can spread the word and support this wonderful effort to bring our money local and build new infrastructure for the agricultural community. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m also happy to come present to your group about the project if there is interest. I am a board member at EDFC and also in charge of marketing the DPO.

October 25th, 2015|Local Food News|