Mendo-Lake Food Hub

Mendo-Lake Food Hub

The Mendo Lake Food Hub is a centralized location where you can find the latest information about all things having to do with local food in Lake and Mendocino Counties.

The Mendo Lake Food Hub, located in Ukiah, but extending from the Mendocino Coast to Clear Lake is the “easy button” for farmers and retailers when it comes wholesaling local produce.

Coming to fruition in 2015, it has helped many farmers in the Mendocino and Lake county areas to expand their markets to customers otherwise unreachable due to geographical isolation or lack of distribution infrastructure.

The Hub works by providing that necessary infrastructure, lightening the leg work of the farmer to get his produce to retailers.  The website interface allows our farmers to get online and post the produce that they wish to sell for a given week (i.e. a 20 lb. case of tomatoes, or a 12 bunch case of kale) which can be viewed by customers such as grocery stores, restaurants, schools, or individuals who wish to buy produce in bulk.

Each week contains ordering cycles in which producers are allowed to post wholesale items on a scheduled day, followed by a period in which buyers can purchase the available items.  In the winter this cycle happens one time per week with deliveries falling on the Friday of each given order cycle.  In the Summer, order cycles occur two times weekly and deliveries fall on the cycle’s corresponding Tuesday and Friday.  Deliveries are made directly to the location of business.

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June 30th, 2018|Local Food News|