Farm Stories

Word Of Mouth Magazine- Summer 2018

June 30th, 2018|Farm Stories, Local Food News, Local Food Resources|

Farming with Flower Power in Laytonville by Ree Slocum It was a wet spring morning when I met Irene Engber, owner of Irene’s Garden, at her 10-acre, organic certified vegetable farm located at Black Oak Ranch outside of Laytonville. Just prior to our interview, she gave some last minute instructions to her employees. Beka was [...]

The Mendocino Grain Project

May 18th, 2012|Farm Stories|

It was in March 2006 that the Anderson Valley Foodshed group convened the first Steps Toward a Local Food Economy gathering. It was an invigorating day, bringing together the first "wave" of local food economy leaders from all over Mendocino County. Not surprisingly, the farmers, gardeners, chefs, restaurant owners, and eaters identified locally-grown staple grains [...]

Lovers Lane Farm

April 13th, 2012|Farm Stories|

Life on Lovers Lane Farm is hard but good work. In between the farmers markets & beekeeping, chicken & goat tending, mushroom foraging & compost tilling, veggie raising and hive wrangling, there are moments when the evening comes around and the Feigin family can enjoy good conversations beside their little pond. From there they can [...]

Nine Years, Many Lessons

January 25th, 2012|Farm Stories|

A few months after moving to Anderson Valley, we got a call. The grass in our back field was too high. A neighbor had complained. The firemarshall was polite and adament. Something had to be done. We could spend $400 on a couple of cows or over $1000 on a heavy duty ride-on mower. Money [...]