An Update from AV Community Farm

An Update from AV Community Farm

Tim Ward here, and despite the rumors I keep hearing, I have not moved to Willits or stopped farming! I am still managing farm production on Burt Cohen’s farm on Lambert Lane, as well as the Lazy D next door, and partnering with Ron Rice in the management of the Yorkville Olive Ranch, where we are adding hundreds of fruit trees!

I have been commuting to Willits this year to co-direct the start-up farmer training program: The Grange Farm School. It has been a lot of work, and very intense, but also very rewarding.

2016 Anderson Valley Community Farm Forecast

First, I am proud to announce that I am expecting a baby in late April, with my amazing partner Fallon. We are both extremely excited to be starting our family while also refocusing on our farm’s production of food and medicine for our local community.

We will continue to be raising and selling animals for meat at the local farmers market, to caterers and to local restaurants. Our sheep, goats, and cows will continue to be raised only on our own grass through intensive rotational grazing and our own hay, and completely grass-fed and grass-finished in the prime of green season. We have a special opportunity in the fertility of the valley bottom and really believe in the nutrition and quality benefits of meat raised naturally in this way and we love sharing it with you.

We will be making some additions for the coming year. We will be doing a nursery plant production and will be selling garden plant starts for the local community. Our plant starts will be available for sale at the Boont Berry Farm and at the Farmers Market. We will also increase our chicken flock and for the first time since 2013 will produce eggs and meat chickens for the local market. We raise a smaller heritage breed of pigs, and are always looking to sell whole hogs in the range of 25-60 lbs. for parties or families.

Lastly, we are really excited to be sharing garden space in the coming year with Amanda and Justin and Benjamin of Philo Hill Farm. They will be moving the bulk of their vegetable production to our underutilized fields so that they don’t have to commute (Boonville to Philo) for their farming.

We can’t wait for the coming year. Thanks for all of the amazing support from the Anderson Valley Community which has helped me keep the farm moving onwards for the past 5 years! Please contact me anytime:


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